Small-Batch Oregon Hazelnut + Almond Butter by Ground Up pdx

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"I've been raving about this nut butter to all my friends and family ever since I discovered it. You can tell they use only the best ingredients because it tastes exactly like my home made nut butters. Plus, I love this company because they are a social enterprise and employ and train women facing adversity (many formerly abused, homeless or trafficked) so that they can get back on their feet again. It's the perfect win-win, delicious food for a delicious cause! This hazelnut butter is my Mom's favorite and in my opinion is so much better than Nutella. It uses local hazelnuts and honey from Oregon, and will make you feel like you're eating a handful of the most delicious freshly roasted hazelnuts." - Jiying


Ground Up Pdx Oregon Hazelnut + Almond Butter | 12 oz

  • Only uses fresh, premium nuts, like local Oregon hazelnuts to avoid rancidity and mold (vs many use nuts from far away places, which takes longer and means that the nuts may be rancid or moldy, which is very problematic for our health)
  • Dry roasted nuts, with no added oils or other fillers (many nut butters nuts that are essentially fried in industrial oils, and the nut butter itself may be cut with other inferior oils)
  • Hand-made in small batches to ensure freshness, the date on which it was made is handwritten on the bottle
  • Female-founded, and supports women facing adversity


Tasting notes: Chunky, Toasted, Floral

Ingredients: Hazelnut, Almond, Honey, Vanilla, Chili Powder

Origin: Portland, OR

Suggested use: Spread on on bread and crackers, dip for apples and veggies, add to smoothies, topping for yogurts, use in baking



Did you know 98% of US hazelnuts are grown in Oregon?!  This sweet and (slightly) spicy flavor highlights our favorite local crop. Made from a blend of almonds and hazelnuts, it's finished with a toasted hazelnut crunch. We love to use this flavor for a gourmet PB+J or serve it with cheese + charcuterie.