Cold-Pressed Californian Avocado Oil by Bella Vado Family Farm

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"Avocado oil is one of my favorite cooking oils, second only to olive oil. Avocado oil is pressed from the flesh of ripe avocados, and just like avocados, contains high levels of beneficial monounsaturated fats. Plus it has the highest smoke point of all plant based cooking oils, which makes it the most popular workhorse in my kitchen. When I bought this avocado oil for the first time, I was shocked by the price tag, since I was used to buying bottles 5x the volume for the same price. However, when I compared them side by side, the difference was undeniable! Standard avocado oils are highly refined, clear in color and mostly tasteless. This avocado oil is deep emerald green in color, creamy in texture, and the only one I’ve tried that actually tastes like real avocados! 100% worth it!" - Jiying


Bella Vado Extra Virgin Avocado Oil | 250ml | Original or Organic

  • High quality avocados: Only uses flesh from perfectly ripe avocados (most avocado oils will use unripe avocados, because the avocados are transported from other places and are picked when unripe)
  • Single-origin: Tree to bottle on the family avocado grove farm, they grow their own avocados and do all the processing themselves
  • Processing method: Extra virgin, cold mechanically extracted, unrefined, unfiltered with no added ingredients
  • Small batch hand-crated for high quality control
  • USDA certified organic (for organic option)


Tasting notes: Nutty, Butter, Banana

Ingredients: grape seeds

Origin: Italy

Suggested use: vinaigrettes, mayonnaise, sautéing, roasting, baking



As you know, our food system is rife with adulterated products that are labeled as one thing, but are actually something else.  We do not use refined oil in any of our products, nor do we sell refined oil which means our customers are getting a pure product.  Pure oil costs more to make which in turn carries a higher price point on the shelf.

Bella Vado avocado oil is unrefined and unfiltered. This means we do not use high heat, chemicals, or any other filtration mechanism to change or remove the natural waxes, colors or flavors in our oil.

Here at Bella Vado we are more concerned about our customers heath than we are about a larger bottom line.  We continue to believe: People before profits.


Avocado oil is recognized as one of the healthiest oils on the market by experts such as Dr. Oz, because it is high in monounsaturated fat and natural tocopherols. In addition, it is free of trans fatty acids and cholesterol inducing fats. Bella Vado Avocado Oil is 100% natural, no preservatives, refinements or additives.

Our avocado oil is cold-pressed using perfectly ripe avocados and state of the art equipment. This process preserves all the natural vitamins and minerals, which are believed to contribute to lower LDL cholesterol levels. Recent studies indicate avocado oil may also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and prostate issues.


Bella Vado Avocado oil has a high smoking/heating point of at least 450 degrees fahrenheit. This positions it perfectly for high heat cooking, grilling, stir fry and deep frying.

With all this heavy lifting, it is still buttery and subtle enough for your marinades, baking, sauces and salads. Try using it as a blend with whipped potatoes, drizzled over steamed vegetables, in a vinaigrette dressing, or as a flavoring for soups or sweets.

Avocado oil is actually a fruit oil, like Olive oil.  It has a perfect balance between monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fats. With ZERO trans fats.


Bella Vado avocado oil has been selected by the USDA to participate in setting CODEX standards world-wide for Extra Virgin Avocado Oil.  It is our expertise and care that positioned the company for this valuable and honored position.

Its exquisite texture and luscious, bold taste make it undeniably the most splendid oil for the most discerning chefs of all skill levels.  Perfect for the amateur and experienced chef!


We always begin the process with quality avocados. Starting with perfectly ripe avocados ensures we capture that creamy and buttery avocado flavor in every bottle.

Since our avocados are naturally ripened we rely on the perfect Southern California climate to get the job done.

After the fruit has reached the perfect ripeness, we hand sort each lot of avocados to ensure only quality grade fruit makes it through our process.

Since the oil is made only from the flesh of the avocado, our avocados are gently washed, depitted and deskinned. Our beautiful freshly skinned avocados are sent to the next stage for processing.


The flesh which looks like perfect guacamole, is pumped into a specialized machine that gently kneads and warms the paste under a controlled environment. Cold-pressing is a method where minimal to low heat is used to extract the avocado oil from the pulp. Since the industry is saturated with the use of the words “cold-pressed” we want to ensure you that our avocado pulp is never heated above 100 degrees.

This is an important detail, because when an oil is manufactured at higher temperatures, you will get more oil, but the process may destroy some of the delicate properties that make it a healthy choice.

After a very short time malaxing, the pulp is sent to a centrifuge for separation. After the solids have been separated from the oil the raw oil is sent to a final separation machine which removes additional particles. The oil from this machine is ready to eat without further processing required.


Our avocado oil is considered Extra Virgin because of the process described above and the quality standards we employ. To ensure we are measuring up to our own strict standards, we lab test each batch of oil to double check the numbers align with the quality we expect.