Single-Origin South African Rooibos Teabags by In Pursuit of Tea

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"Rooibos is probably the non-caffeinated tea I drink the most, and I honestly thought I knew good rooibos tea until I tried this one. I steeped a cup of this along with a cup of an old favorite, and the difference was night and day, you really don't need to have a sophisticated palate to tell this is much superior. My formerly "best" rooibos seemed flat and had an astringent and lingering finish, whereas this rooibos was unbelievably round, smooth, complex and had a really clean finish." - Jiying


In Pursuit of Tea Rooibos Teabags | 12 Individually Wrapped Teabags

  • Highest grade rooibos: There are many grades of rooibos grown in South Africa, this uses the highest quality base plant material
  • Expert oxidation process: superior oxidization of the rooibos which results in a fuller and deeper flavor (rooibos tea is oxidized, and the skill level in a producer’s oxidation process has a huge impact on the flavor profile)
  • Fresh: Imported from the grower multiple times a year and batch tested each time to ensure the best tea possible (many herbal teas are old and stale, taking as long as 1-2 years to reach consumers from growers, which is why they lack fragrance and taste flat)


Tasting notes: Vanilla, Honey, Spice, Rich

Ingredients: South African rooibos

Origin: South Africa

Suggested use: boiling water (100°C), steep for 5 minutes



Rooibos is a rich and healthy alternative to tea that is naturally caffeine-free. A full-bodied infusion, packed with antioxidants, the rich flavors of vanilla, honey and spice are matched by its sweet aroma. Rooibos is grown in South Africa; the name means "red bush" in Afrikaans.

The material for our teabags is completely plant-derived, and they are electrostatically sealed—without glue or staples—so the pure flavor and aroma can shine through.