Shirakawa Samidori Matcha | さみどり抹茶 by Kettl

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"I'm a big matcha fan. I started drinking it after I quit coffee, because it offers me relaxed alertness, instead of that jangling buzz from coffee. I've pretty much tried almost every matcha out there, and Kettl is my favorite brand, they source the finest and rarest directly from the most distinguished tea producers in Japan. Their matchas are served at high end restaurants and their restaurant clients hold a combined 36 Michelin stars! This matcha is a treat for special days, it's a true luxury, a single cultivar grown and produced by internationally renowned tea master Mr.Kyoharu Tsuji in Uji Japan. It's the smoothest, gentlest and umami matcha I've eve tasted." - Jiying


Kettl Shirakawa Samidori Matcha | 20g Tin

  • A pinnacle grade matcha experience - a matcha with a creamy, gentle character
  • A single 100% single cultivar Samidori matcha - shaded 25 days, hand picked and gently stone milled.
  • Single Grower | Single Producer | Single Cultivar
  • Cultivars: Samidori


Tasting notes: Creamy, Smooth, Gentle

Ingredients: 100% Samidori matcha powder

Origin: Uji, Japan

Suggested use: This matcha is wonderful straight or blended with oat milk for a matcha latte.


Description: A single cultivar 100% Samidori matcha from Shirakawa, Uji. This is a wonderful chance to try unblended Samidori Matcha - made from Uji's trademark cultivar. Samidori matcha is the most gentle of all of Tsuji san's offerings. We love this as a luxurious everyday matcha. This Matcha can be prepared both as Usucha and Koicha.

What is so special about this tea? This matcha hails from unarguably the most revered tencha garden in all of Uji - The gardens of Mr. Kiyoharu Tsuji. Samidori ranks as the most grown cultivar for Tencha in all of Uji. But this Samidori cultivar matcha is not like thre rest. Made with extereme attention to detail. With more #1 showings at Japan's all national tea fair, it is safe to say Tsuji San is etched in the history of Uji tea production. His teas exude a notable power from intensive garden management and fertilization as well as the deep red clay soil of Shirakawa. The L-Theanine and amino acid levels of his teas are some of the highest recorded - and this comes through on the palate. We recommend using slightly cooler water to bring out that umami.