Single-origin Assam English Breakfast Teabags by In Pursuit of Tea

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"On mornings when I need an extra boost, I will reach for this Assam English Breakfast tea. It's bold but balanced, and makes for the most delicious cup of milk tea. Unlike any other black teas I've tried, it has 0 astringency and bitterness, no matter how long you steep it for!" - Jiying


In Pursuit of Tea Assam English Breakfast Teabags | 12 Individually Wrapped Teabags

  • Single-origin: sourced from the distinguished Doomni tea estate in the Assam region (most black teas are blends of leaves with a wide range of grades)
  • Organic: grown and processed without the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides, which is why it tastes so clean
  • Whole leaf: most commercial black tea bags use dust and fannings, which is the lowest grade tea and yields tea that is astringent and bitter, this uses whole leaves
  • Traditional production: grown and processed in the traditional orthodox style, utilizing centuries-old techniques passed down by their ancestors


Tasting notes: Malt, Plum, Sandalwood

Ingredients: Organic Assam Camellia sinensis var. assamica

Origin: Assam, India

Suggested use: boiling water (100°C), steep for 3 minutes


Assam is a delicious single-estate black tea from the Doomni Estate in northeastern India. Malty and rich, it's a satisfying breakfast tea on its own, or enjoyed with milk and sugar.

The material for our teabags is completely plant-derived, and they are electrostatically sealed—without glue or staples—so the pure flavor and aroma of the tea can shine through.