Premium Vermont Maple Syrup by Runamok Maple

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"Maple syrup is made by collecting the sweet sap from sugar maple trees and then cooking it down into a concentrated syrup. Therefore, the health of the trees and the skill level of the “cook” makes a huge difference in the quality and flavor profile of the maple syrup. I’ve tried a lot of different maple syrups, and they tend to be either too runny and light or too thick and caramely, but this one is just right, perfectly balanced in flavor and consistency." - Jiying


Runamok Maple Sugarmaker's Cut Maple Syrup | 375ml 

  • Peak season: sugarmaker’s cut is a limited production, featuring the very best maple syrup of each season, they taste each run and when the flavor is at its peak the sugarmaker sets it aside with a note: ‘Reserve for the Sugarmaker’s Cut’. It’s traditionally what the family gave to friends, family, and those ‘in the know’
  • Grade A: Amber color, rich taste
  • Sustainably tapped: sustainable tapping practices that support healthy sugar maple trees, which results in better tasting maple syrups
  • Eco-friendly production: Uses solar panels to limit carbon footprint (making maple syrup is a very energy intensive process)
  • Organic: certified organic by the Northeastern Organic Farmers Association


Tasting notes: Coffee, Caramel, Honeysuckle

Ingredients: Organic maple syrup

Origin: Fairfax, Vermont

Suggested use: Use in cooking, baking, add to teas and cocktails


This is the very best organic maple syrup of the season.  We taste each run and when the flavor is at its peak our sugarmaker sets it aside with a note: 'Reserve for Sugarmaker’s Cut'.  It has always been what we give to our friends, our family and ‘those in the know.’  Now we offer it to you. This batch of Sugarmaker’s Cut is graded as: Grade A: Amber Color - Rich Taste