Single-Origin Greek Mint Teabags by In Pursuit of Tea

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"Mint tea is soothing and refreshing, and is what I always reach for to beat my post-lunch and afternoon slumps. Different varietals and origins result in dramatically different flavor profiles. This is the most aromatic, sweet and round mint tea i've ever tasted, and is the only one that is even better than the fresh mint grown in my garden." - Jiying


In Pursuit of Tea Mint Teabags | 12 Individually Wrapped Teabags

  • Greek spearmint, which has a sweeter and rounder profile than other mint varieties
  • Whole leaf tea instead of dust and fannings (the lowest grade in tea bags, what is used in most teabags)
  • Solar dried (vs. machine dried), which allows the tea to retain more of the essential oils, resulting in a more soothing tea


Tasting notes: Soothing, Refreshing, Sage, Sweet

Ingredients: Greek mentha spicata

Origin: Greece

Suggested use: boiling water (100°C), steep for 5 minutes


For centuries, mint has been enjoyed as a popular caffeine-free alternative to tea. The name derives from the Greek nymph Minthe. Aromatic, sweet and comfortingly smooth, this is a gentle version of mint.

The material for our teabags is completely plant-derived, and they are electrostatically sealed—without glue or staples—so the pure flavor and aroma can shine through.