Herbs, Flowers & Spices Bath Salts by Camamu

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"We give kids bedtime baths to help them sleep better. Why don't we do the same for ourselves? Taking a bath raises your body temperature and then causes it to drop more dramatically before bed, which helps you to fall asleep faster (body temperatures are programmed to drop when we sleep, so this artificial drop helps us to enter the sleep phase more easily). When I've had a stressful day and need to unwind, these bath salts always do the trick, and put me to bed immediately after. It's a blend of soothing salts and essential oils. There are even rose and lavender flower petals which makes the bath feel extra special and luxurious." - Jiying


Herbs, Flowers & Spices Bath Salts | 14 oz

  • Eases muscle pain: uses a therapeutic blend of 3 different salts to help relax muscles and loosen stiff joints
  • Pure natural essential oils to reduce stress and uplift mood
  • Studded with beautiful flowers, herbs and spices for a luxurious bath experience


Fragrance notes: Lavender, Rose, Rosemary

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, essential oils of rose, lavender and organic raspberry leaf, rosemary, chamomile, lemongrass, bay, peppermint and sage leaves, orange peel, cloves

Origin: Portland, Oregon

Suggested use: Draw yourself a warm bath and use 1 cup of salt. Enjoy!


Aromatherapeutic blend of three salts loaded with magnesium, beneficial nutrients & minerals for a softer, suppler and smoother skin. Known to ease muscle pain, reduce stress and uplift mood. Divine scent of Lavender & Rose.