Pollinaria Single-Origin Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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"This is one of my favorite olive oils. It's imported directly from Italy by Jim Dixon, a local Portland food critic and the founder of Real Good Food. He visited Italy for the first time 20 years ago with his wife, who is second generation Sicilian, and was shocked at how much better the olive oils were in Italy. He started importing small amounts directly from small family farms in Italy for himself and family and friends in the US, and now supply many of the top restaurants and chefs in Portland. This is one of my favorites among his imports, it’s vibrant and citrusy and is just a perfect all-around olive oil." - Jiying


Pollinaria Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 500ml or 1L

  • DOP certified
  • Single-origin: 150 year old olive groves on a distinguished farm founded by Raffaele Baldini Palladini, who was a pioneer of the modern-day olive industry. Baldini Palladini's old oil mill currently hosts the Olive Oil Museum of Loreto Aprutino
  • Organic: grown without using chemical herbicides and pesticides
  • Extraction method: cold temperature and mechanically pressed, unfiltered


Tasting notes: Fruity, citrus, vibrant

Ingredients: Dritta and Leccino olives

Origin: Abruzzo, Italy

Suggested use: vinaigrettes, dips, finishing oil


Planted in the 1870s, Pollinaria’s olive groves lay under the shadow of the Gran Sasso, the highest peak in the Apennine Mountains. The organically grown Dritta and Leccino olives produce a fruity extra virgin olive oil with a medium pungency. Use it for cooking, salads, and drizzling at the table.