Cold-Pressed Grapeseed Oil by Salute Santé!

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"Grapeseed oil is a staple in my pantry. It’s high in vitamin E and polyunsaturated fats, and it's neutral in taste which makes it extremely versatile in the kitchen, letting the taste of whatever you’re cooking with shine through. Plus, it has the advantage of having a higher smoke point compared to olive oil, so I often use it for high heat cooking like sauteeing and roasting. I’ve become very picky about grapeseed oils though, because most grapeseed oils on the market are chemically extracted and unrefined using high temperatures and harsh chemicals like hexane, which eliminates much of the nutritional value and leaves toxic chemical residues in the oil. But this one is made from non-GMO leftover grapeseeds from wineries in Northern Italy, which are mechanically expeller-pressed in Napa Valley, California." - Jiying


Salute Santé! Grapeseed Oil | 500ml

  • Non-GMO Italian grape seeds, obtained after wine crush from Northern Italian wineries
  • Mechanically cold pressed
  • Physically filtered using steam and clay to remove naturally occurring waxes. Most grapeseed oils are highly refined involves harsh chemicals and high temperatures which eliminates many of the beneficial nutrients and leaves toxic residues like the solvent hexane.
  • Fresh: pressed every 4 months to ensure freshness


Tasting notes: Nutty, Butter, Banana

Ingredients: grape seeds

Origin: Italy

Suggested use: vinaigrettes, mayonnaise, sautéing, roasting, baking


Salute Santé! ® Grapeseed Oil has long been the secret of gourmet chefs who love its light and nutty, yet neutral flavor. It addition to its amazing health benefits, it has the unique ability to enhance the flavors of ingredients instead of overpowering them and leaves no greasy aftertaste!

Salute Santé! pioneered the first cold-pressed grapeseed oil. It took over 15 years to create presses strong enough (over 8000 lb. of pressure) to squeeze these tiny hard seeds to make a delicious and heart healthy grapeseed oil. The cold pressing method only yields a small amount of oil, which raises production costs, so that the product doesn’t always fit into every budget. Salute Santé has now overcome that problem with a new system that extracts the oil remaining from the cake after the first pressing to maximize the yield at the lowest cost. This system also decreases the amount of waste involved in processing the grapes.

This new format of grapeseed oil is then gently refined for the delicious light nutty taste and brilliant light color to meet the best quality and the best flavor. Salute Santé! grapeseed oil is then filled right at the plant into our new 5-Liter PET bottles. It is then packed in 100% postconsumer boxes with three 5-Liter PET bottles per case. The new bottles lessen packaging weight and costs by almost 50 percent, resulting in a huge reduction in carbon footprint.

Truly The Chef’s Choice™ – it’s high smoke point (485˚ F) makes it ideal for sautéing, frying and baking without smoking, splattering or burning. The excellent emulsification properties make it ideal for whipping mayonnaise and creamy dressings that will not separate when chilled. It’s ideal for marinades and salad dressings that will not cloud when chilled.

Healthy & Nutritious – It’s an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamin E and essential linoleic acid. Compared to olive oil it’s almost 50% less saturated fat and almost 10x more essential linoleic acid. Studies have shown that grapeseed oil may raise HDL good cholesterol, lowers LDL bad cholesterol and triglycerides, which may reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Our oil contains 0 Trans Fats and is BPA free.

Salute Santé! is the only brand that guarantees third-party-certified 100 percent grapeseed oil without the mystery fillers. It contains NO cholesterol, NO sodium, NO preservatives, is certified KOSHER by Star K and is TRANS FAT FREE.